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April 2014, 2014

Winners of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2014 for Galaxy Note Unveiled

MDScan for Note: 2nd

January 6, 2014. Good news!

Google Wallet account is already active. The purchasing via Google Play is fully available:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

December 30, 2013. Very important security info!

Google has noticed some unexpected activity on our Google Wallet account. That has prompted us to temporarily suspend use of this account for the security. Thanks Google! All user info is safe and untouched! Unfortunately the purchasing via Google Play is temporary unavailable.

Please use to purchase:




For Samsung devices:


Rest assured that we are committed to preserving the security of your information. We will restore the sale as soon as we are absolutely confident in their security. We hope we need a couple of days.

September 24, 2013. MDScan Lite - 2.000.000 !

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) Lite passes TWO Million Downloads in Google Play.

May 29, 2013. prMac in Entertainment

Forget About Sliding on the Screen - Enjoy Funny Carnival Mirror (Video)

May 17, 2013. Carnival Mirror for iPhone, iPod and iPad now 

Carnival Mirror is published in AppStore

March 19, 2013. AndroidPIT review

Photo Deformer Plus - Caricatures at your finger tips!

March 11, 2013. MDScan Lite - 1.000.000 !

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) Lite passes One Million Downloads in Google Play.

March 6, 2013. prMac in Photo and Video

Award-Winning Photo Deformer 1.0 Now Available for iOS 

Nov 1, 2012. MDScan: Quick! I Need it Yesterday!

Read review in Atlanta REIA

Winners of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012 Unveiled

Photo Deformer: Grand Prize in Samsung Apps Super Apps(non-Game)

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) Lite: 2nd